Corporate & event care

Do you have an upcoming event? Wedding, family reunion, birthday party…?

Let Nanny Posse help you by securing quality childcare to help entertain the little ones at your event.

We will work with you to either create and run a separate children’s section or help to run areas within your event designed for your youngest attendees.

Are you a company that recognizes that quality childcare is a necessity and not a privilege? We would love to help you give back to your employees or your clients by providing you with a custom care package.  Choose between a one-time event model or an on-demand package model.

“Our mission is to provide all families and care providers with a community that supports them and brings out their full potential because life is easier with a posse.”

Event care


We require at least one month’s notice to work on an event request. We require a final headcount of the number of children needing care two weeks prior to the event.

Bookings scheduled less than a month and not later than two weeks before an event will be subject to a late booking fee.

Event Location

Event locations must be within 30 miles of zip code 27516.
Events outside the 30-mile radius will be charged an extra $1 per additional mile to the event location.

Event Times

We currently only take on events scheduled Mondays through Fridays after 4 pm and all day Saturdays and Sundays.

All events must also book half an hour before and after you require childcare for your nanny-manger to set up the intended event space.

Number of Children

We can staff nannies for a maximum of 40 children. For events with more than 40 please email [email protected] before booking via our website.

Booking Requirements

All bookings must be a minimum of four hours. Each event will have one nanny manager that will coordinate the transport and set-up of toys and nanny team if applicable.

What’s Included

  • We’ll have your space child approved before the first child arrives.
  • Our nanny-manager will manage the childcare team so you don’t have to think about it.
  • We bring all supplies needed for our prepared games and activities.
  • For those that have a blank canvas to work with, we will bring child-approved furniture to keep your smallest guests comfortable and entertained.
  • Our team lives by the motto leave a space cleaner than you found it.
  • Add-ons: Custom gift bags or busy boxes, furniture rental, custom crafts, and decorations.





Fee Information

The booking fee is paid directly to the agency to cover nanny/sitter booking and toy rental curated based on intended children’s ages  The hourly rate for the nannies and nanny-manager* is paid directly to the nannies working the event.

Booking Fee$300
Nanny-Manager Rate$30 per hour
Nanny Rate$25 per hour
Late Fee (bookings ending after 10pm)+$5 per hour/ per nanny
*A nanny-manger is the head nanny that not only provides childcare but is also point of contact to you and your guests during the event.

Number of Caregivers

When determining the number of caregivers you need for your event, keep in mind the following ratios. These are not absolute but can be helpful in the initial planning process. The ratios are structured as number of children to number of nannies {children : nanny}.

Infants/Babies (up to 18 months)1 to 2 : 1
Toddlers (18months to 3 years)3 : 1
Pre-School (3years to 5 years)4 to 5 : 1
School Age (5years to 14 years)4 to 5 : 1

Contact us to see what childcare solutions would best suit your event!

corporate care


Companies that offer corporate childcare benefits support their employees with children and the company as a whole. When individuals are allowed to perform to their fullest potential, then everyone around them wins. 

Show your employees balancing parenting and work-life that you support them by providing them their very own posse!


Companies that provide corporate childcare options may notice any of the following benefits:

  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Decrease in employee absences
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Decrease in onboarding and training costs of new employees
  • And more!


There are many ways that our existing services can benefit your team and company as a whole. If on-site care, childcare accounts, or referrals still do not answer your company’s childcare needs, contact us to discuss creating a custom solution for your company. 

Please note every corporate solution comes with a custom quote based on your needs and company size.

On-Site Childcare

Are you hosting a team meeting, company party, or open house and would like to provide childcare to your team our guests attending the event?

With our on-site childcare package, parents can sign their kids up online or at the door and then proceed to the main event. Host and parents can breathe easy knowing the children will not only be well supervised but also entertained with games and specially curated activities just for your event. From tricking out your event space in a child-approved style, day-of coordination, set-up, clean-up, and supplies we’ll make childcare a seamless part of your event.


Childcare Account

A childcare account is a great way to ensure your team or guests with childcare needs are taken care of without having to provide it on site. We create a company portal via our booking platform for your chosen families to acces. Each family can request their own childcare arrangements directly with us, you approve the list of names using our services, and then their services will be charged to your account. Your company can decide if this is an open-ended benefit or has a limit per user on your account. 



For companies that cannot or do not need to provide consistent childcare, we can create a referral code for you to give to your guests. This custom code allows you to offer your team, clients, and community a discount when they need occasional or permanent childcare. For companies that recommend us on a regular basis, we like to thank you by rewarding you with a referral bonus. To learn more about our referral program contact us