family faq's

Sitters care for children of any age who are in need of supervision for short time frames on an as-needed basis. They may have a career in childcare or another profession. They may also be a mature high school or college student. Sitters may work specific occasions or on a regular schedule, such as after-school care or date nights.  Their main tasks are making sure that the children are safe, fed, clothed, and when applicable put to bed. 

In addition to the above basic responsibilities, a Nanny is invested in a child’s development and engagement and generally comes with more in-home and/or long term child care experience. Nannies are childcare professionals who also commit to professional development in the nanny and childcare fields.  They will create daily schedules and activities to help nurture the child(ren)’s development.  Typical responsibilities start at planning and carrying out a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, meal preparation, tidying up children’s spaces, children’s laundry, homework and driving to community activities.


Nanny Posse works hard to continually develop a large pool of nannies in our network.  We use the internal referral network to find our nannies for our families, in addition to posting our open positions on our website, social media, and other online outlets to find the best quality nannies available.  All job postings keep the family’s information confidential outside of the children’s ages and specific needs/responsibilities of the position.

We do not sacrifice quality or integrity in vetting the nannies that work with us and our families.  In addition to an extensive formal application and a face-to-face interview, each candidate must be over 18 (for sitter positions) or 21 and over (for nanny positions), able to legally work in the US, and have a valid driver’s license (for nanny positions). Nanny Posse  will obtain feedback from a minimum of three (3) past childcare references (nannies) OR two (2) professional and one (1) non-familial references (sitters). In addition, we verify CPR and First Aid Certifications, education history, and professional development courses and certifications.

Yes, referral placement clients  will be sent no more than 3 profiles of expert caregivers at a time and then you choose you wish to interview personally. 

Each situation is unique, we cannot guarantee an exact time frame.  

Most long-term, full or part-time nanny positions can be filled within 3-6 weeks.  

Some factors that influence the time to place a nanny are as follows: location, offered compensation, number of available candidates, and the response time from a family after presenting candidates.

Once you have chosen your nanny we complete a comprehensive background check prior to hiring the chosen candidate. This comprehensive background check includes driving record check and perform a detailed criminal background check (national/state/county criminal search, alias name search, address history, social security verification, and sex-offender database), and behavioral review. Our background check also routinely screens candidates throughout their employment with our company or your family.

Yes, in fact we encourage you to arrange one before making a final decision for all referral placements! This allows you to get a better idea of their childcare skills, nanny philosophy, and personality. However, please take the timeline into consideration when choosing this option. Also, please be prepared to pay for the nanny’s work that day.

Babysitting or membership candidates that would like to a “meet & greet” must schedule a working interview that meets the minimum booking requirement for that service. 

Your budget and additional requirements requested will dictate whether or not you can hire a nanny that will perform additional tasks.  It is common for nannies to help with daily tidying up, craft and activity planning, homework, and light meal preparation.  You may have other requirements such as more detailed cleaning, children’s laundry, or special needs, and we can help find the right fit for you. Hiwever, please be aware this will result in a hire pay rate than the average in your area.

Our occasional sitters are not expected to perform duties outside of basic childcare.  

In the North Carolina triangle area an entry level nanny with 1 to 3 years of nanny experience starts at $18 an hour. However, more experienced or educated nannies will have a higher rate. Additional household or job expectations will also raise the hourly rate.

Please note that ALL household or domestic employees must be paid an hourly rate for all hours worked in the US, not a salary.

The nanny you hire will be paid by you and all clients working with Nanny Posse must agree to pay their nanny legally. To do so you will need an tax EIN number and we suggest working with a domestic worker payroll service to make sure you file taxes in compliance with US law. Our preferred payroll to recommend is GTM Payroll Services.


No, this is entirely up to you. Another option is healthcare stipend if you only wish to pay a portion of their healthcare costs. We recommend speaking with your payroll company directly to determine what is right for your family.

Nope! Sometimes it makes more sense for the nanny to use their well maintained vehicle. However, we do require that families that ask a nanny to use their vehicle provide the current IRS mileage reimbursement and any required car seats. 

For families that require regular transportation we suggest providing a nanny vehicle or also including regular vehicle maintenance and detailing reimbursements.

To learn more about our nanny placement fees please fill out a family application and book your free no obligation discovery call here.

To learn more about our sitter membership fees go to our website.

No, we do most of our client consultations over the phone. However, meeting in person allows us to better observe your household needs.

**Travel costs may apply for families outside of the NC triangle region.