our mission

Our mission is to provide quality and trustworthy childcare and domestic help in and around our community. We strive to create a community that both parents, guardians, and caregivers will come to count on and create an environment for constant growth throughout our community both professionally and personally. We strive to create a community that encourages networking and community involvement to strengthen community connections. We will not discriminate based on religion, sex, sexual orientation, or race. All members of our community will be valued and appreciated for the skills and knowledge they bring to our community.

meet Jasmine

JASMINE BERRY,  owner and founder of Nanny Posse, offers 11 years of proven expertise. From babysitter, nanny, to consultant, Jasmine has truly made childcare an integral theme in her life. Jasmine received her BA at The University of Washington in Early Childhood and Family Studies and has had the privilege of working with families Jasmine has had the privilege of working with nanny families in three different continents with diverse backgrounds.

  While working as a nanny, Jasmine was able to analyze the best method for building a lasting and impactful relationship with her community and the families she worked for over her career. As she mastered the skill sets needed, Jasmine quickly turned her nanny position into a nanny advocate agency. Creating an agency that would form a stronger and more vibrant community. This does not only include the community from a residential standpoint but also the nanny industry as a whole.

Community driven, Jasmine sat as the Vice President of the North Carolina Association of Nannies. This role, along with years of nanny experience, helped her determine the nanny industry would be best served if it offered guidance to other nannies, to create leaders and professionals in the nanny community.

Most recently, Jasmine witnessed the crippling effect Covid 19 created in the nanny community. Although she had limited time and resources, Jasmine created a weekend-long fundraiser. Not only to raise awareness and funds for the nanny community. She also wanted to bring her community together, even if it was virtually.
As a former nanny and now the founder of Nanny Posse, Jasmine believes she is an extension of the employer’s and families community. So, whether you are families or nannies in the community, we invite you to join our posse community.