These sensory boxes are made for little hands and big minds. Give one to a child to see how they broaden their creativity, implement problem-solving skills, practice fine motor skills, and more! 

Each box is packed to order, with the playdough being made to order. Farm on the Heel uses only all-purpose flour, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, and food-grade dye in their playdough (some playdough contains glitter).

While the shop is under construction, you can still reach out with a box request, and they will reply in 2 to 3 business days. 

Their standard boxes are farm, space, and construction and start at $35. Custom boxes are $40+ depending on add-ins and size.

Meet The Creator

Becky Craig

Becky Craig’s two main roles are as mother and nanny. She is also an incredible artist and animal lover. Her love of animals transformed her backyard into a home for goats, chickens, and bunnies during the pandemic. Her nanny children have enjoyed exploring and learning in her little backyard farm. 

However, when they are not outside, Becky looks for creative ways to help them learn and develop. That is how her sensory boxes came to be. She makes the playdough from scratch each time a box is ordered and lovingly packs them for you. She hopes your children will enjoy them just as much as her nanny kiddos do.