Nanny to Success Workshop Series 2021

A virtual professional development series created just for nannies!

Expert Speakers

Learn from experts in their fields as they share their knowledge with you in a way that allows you to apply it in your everyday life or work.

Live Training

Join us for each training live and get the benefit of not only learning from each presenter but also the conversations with other participants in real time.

Q&A Session

Each speaker will have a Q&A portion to allow you to ask questions and get clarification around each training topic.


Network with other attendees one on one to have meaningful connections, discuss the training, and grow your posse!

Grow in your nanny career through training curated with nannies in mind.

Nanny Posse and Family First have come together to create a virtual workshop series that provides nanny centered training all year long. This workshop series was developed specifically with nannies in mind so they can grow in their career. We will cover topics on childcare, child development, and professional development. 

While these workshops were curated with nannies in mind we encourage doulas, teachers, parents, and any one else who can benefit to join us. 

Nanny Posse and Family First are two North Carolina based agencies founded by nannies with the nanny COMMUNITY in mind. We believe that providing guidance and access to quality childcare we lift-up the nanny industry as a whole for all to benefit, that includes the nanny, family, children, and our greater community

Who Are Our Speakers

Taking Care of Business

Tonya Sakowicz

As caregivers, we are all good at taking care of babies and children, but are we good at taking care of business? We are going to talk about the core ingredients you need to set up an effective business as an NCS right away and look at what you might need to put into place now if you have bigger plans for expansion in the future. Come join us as we learn all about the business side of being an NCS.

Navigating Sibling Rivalry

Kami Kerby

If you have more than one child, chances are you’ve bumped up against sibling rivalry. Heck, even most adults have a hard time getting along with their siblings. What can we do to up the odds of cooperation?

In this 2 hour online course you will learn:

  • 3 mistakes parents and caregivers often make that contribute to sibling rivalry.
  • 7 strategies to use to help reduce rivalry and encourage unity and cooperation.
Recognizing and Overcoming PMADs

Ashley Hudson

This month’s workshop is taking place during Maternal Health Month and we wanted to support parents and caregivers the best way we know how. We brought in an expert to help you learn how to recognize and overcome Perinatal Mood Disorders. Ashley Hudson is a survivor of severe Postpartum Depression and a Licensed Therapist. She specializes in Trauma and Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. After a near suicide attempt following the birth of her first child, Ashley dedicated her life to equipping parents to thrive emotionally during the postpartum season. Through a web of story-sharing and practical teaching, Ashley equips parents and their support systems to properly detect and respond to mood and anxiety disorders with confidence. 

The Road to Becoming a Newborn Care Specialist

LaQueesa Beene

The desire to hire a trained professional to help families adjust to life with new babies is increasing dramatically. More Nannies are wanting to work exclusively with babies. Becoming a Newborn Care Specialist is growing in popularity. Now more than ever, people are curious what the difference is between an NCS, Baby Nurse, Night Nanny, Night Nurse and Post-Partum Doula. Why are the trainings for some of these courses so expensive and others so cheap?  

What is the best training program and how do I get certified? Q, Beene, Certified and Elite NCS, will discuss her perspective and experience on what it is like changing from working solely as a Professional Career Nanny, into being a busy and in demand NCS. We will also discuss how to navigate your market, prepare your portfolio, tips on what to do after you have completed training, and what courses can make you more desirable as a new NCS.

Play Based Learning in a Home Setting

Tara Sygrave

In this workshop we will be talking about what exactly is a play based learning curriculum. Once you have a better understanding of what play based learning is Tara will help you learn how to implement this learning style in your home. You will need no additional tools or thoughtfully planned out curriculums to implement this style of learning in your home.

Working as an Overseas Nanny

Jasmine Berry

 In this workshop, we will cover how to take your career to the next level by working as an overseas nanny. Jasmine will touch on how to present yourself to agencies and families to make your resume stand out. As well she will cover how to prepare for life in your new home and how to acclimate once you arrive. Working as an overseas nanny not only allows you to grow professionally but allows for greater opportunities to meet your high net worth potential. Join us as we unlock what it takes to become an overseas nanny.

Pediatric Nutrition

Kerry Jones

This workshop will go over not just pediatric nutrition but how to balance a healthy lifestyle as a family. Often times life with children is hectic and overwhelming. Kerry will help us to find the balance and fun in family nutrition. 

Talking About Race with Kids

Corey Williams

Together we will discuss how talking about race at any age is appropriate and naming the unnamed helps children understand their own racial identity and those of others. 

Like other “hard” subjects, the time to talk about them is always, informally and regularly.  We will discuss how consistent messages that reinforce and open doors for conversation help establish your relationship as a safe space for these conversations. 

Corey will also offer tips for:

– being a good friend to those of different racial backgrounds

– how to diversify your child’s friend group and keep it diverse at middle school

– curating media with attention

Working with Multiples

Nicole Balak

Workshop Description Coming

Tummy Time Actvities

Dairian Roberts

Workshop Description Coming

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