Nanny Placements

Deciding to hire a nanny is only the first of many steps to complete before welcoming your new hire into your home. Once you begin your search, you could easily devote 20 to 30 hours a week for a month or more until locating your perfect nanny. Let us help you by sharing our nearly 40 years of combined knowledge in the nanny and childcare industries. Don’t waste precious time trying to do this on your own, call on our posse to assist you on this important search.

Childcare Consulting

Are you unsure if a nanny is right for your family? Are you struggling to figure out how to successfully onboard the nanny you found yourself? Maybe you want to ask an expert about what it means to be a nanny employer? Let our education or childcare consultants guide you as we gain clarity regarding these difficult questions and more.

Professional Development

At Nanny Posse, we not only support continued professional development in the nanny industry, but we also seek to provide new opportunities for our community. Nannies that participate in regular professional development not only stay up to date on the latest best practices but they also can provide a higher quality of care to their clients. Learn more about the various professional development opportunities and nanny coaching packages to leverage your career or support your nanny to provide top-notch care in your home.


Do you need someone to look after your fur baby as you head out on vacation or simply back to the office? We have you covered! Our pet nannies will visit your pet, exercise them, feed them, and even spend the night. 

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