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Why join nanny posse

why join nanny posse


The team at Nanny Posse is here to support all of our caregivers and help each one of them achieve whatever it is they wish from their child care career. We encourage our nannies and caregivers to reach out to the Nanny Posse community or our team directly. 

Professional Development

Nanny Posse believes every caregiver should have access to quality and informative professional development activities. We will not only help you locate these trainings but facilitate ones that nannies, sitters, and private child caregivers find the most valuable to their profession.


When you join Nanny Posse you literally become a part of our posse. We will draw you into the fold with community activities (both with children and without) and introduce you to other members of our community you can turn to for support and friendship.

Nanny tier-rates

All nannies, sitters, and caregivers booked through the membership platform are subject to our tier price structure. Families will pay you directly for your services. 

What does it take to become a nanny posse caregiver?

Agency Interview

Verified References

confirmed education and work history

First Aid & CPR Certified